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       Honey Snatch!

Ever try to solve a floating puzzle? Honey Snatch is a completely new type of swipe and match adventure!
We worked hard to improve Honey Snatch. We are proud to introduce the Bad Bees!
Help Queen Polly rid her Honey Kingdom of the Bad Bee invasion.
Follow Queen Bee Polly through multiple worlds to save her kingdom from the bad bees!
Clear the world from the bad presence of the Wasp King and his ridiculous minions.
Travel to each hive and match flower colors to release their sweet honey riches.
Honey Snatch is FREE TO PLAY on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


       A long awaited sequel is on the way 

Fight through all the evil force in order to save everything in existence.
Legend tells of an elixir that grants eternal life, infinite youth and untold strength. This legendary potion however, must be crafted from various ancient artifacts.
Swift, silent and steady in battle, a stoic warrior journeys from the far East Lands. The Swordsman seeks out only the mightiest foes worthy of advancing his skills.
The promise of eternal life will give him endless time to defeat stronger and deadlier adversaries and ultimately become the perfect swordsman.


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