About us

Through creativity and innovation, the Sandbox team pushes the boundaries of gamification and creates and develops communities.


The Sandbox team is selected based on individuals’ skills, their ability to think outside the box and deliver high quality, unique products. We promote and foster an environment conducive to that.


Our range of cutting-edge offerings is always diversifying to reflect and set trends in the online gaming space and beyond. We lead the way with design, functionality, creativity and new experiences.


From interactive mobile games and immersive AR experiences, to collaborative forums and shareable content, our goal is to bring people together and promote the development of community.

Our team works wonders

Wassana “Lek” Saisan

Admin & HR Manager

Pontus Mähler

Board Advisor

Christopher Kanit Beyer

Marketing Analyst

Nicky Short

Creative Designer & Copywriter

Jessica Manighetti

Assistant Producer

Martin Feichtenschlager

Game Designer

Kirill Shchegolev

Unity Dev

Marcin Majchrzak

Lead Dev

Stewart Mitchell

IT Director

Zac Alcampo

Head of Studio

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