As a fitting way to say goodbye to our excruciatingly talented senior developer, Tomek, who’s moving on with his life, we’re throwing a high stakes in-house game dev competition.

From 29 August until 7 September, Tomek will go up against lead dev Marcin (a worthy opponent) in a race to make and release the most—or most successful—mobile games. Whether fun, cute or downright bizarre, it’s totally up to them to come up with the games and everything in them, from the concept to the art, and we can’t wait to see what spills out of their brains. After one week, it’s tools down and then we wait. After two months, based on which developer’s games make the most revenue, a winner will be crowned and bragging rights will be granted.

When asked for a comment, the sporting chaps declined to talk trash and assured us all they’re in it for the love, not the competition. Inspiring stuff.

Updates coming soon; stay tuned.