Our Games

Welcome to our world of interactive, diverse and engaging mobile games. Let’s play!

From immersive fantasy role-plays and action-packed adventures, to brain-twisting puzzles and goofy capers, there’s something for everyone. Browse, explore and download our fun, easy-to-play mobile games direct to your smartphone, go on an epic quest during your morning commute, or get the whole gang involved with some interactive AR fun.

Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga
Join Rex on an AR mission to save his babies.


Infinity Warriors
Take up your sword for an epic quest.

Unstoppable Rex
Chomp and stomp your way around the future.

Block pARty
Stack it up, play with friends and test your nerve.


Build your own AR creation.


Undead Carnage League
Belt up for some post-apocalyptic zombie chaos.

Mr Twister
Jump, duck and go, go, GO!

Power Sling
Assault on batteries.

UPZ: super casual delivery
Keep it UPZ!

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