With the latest iOS update comes the new ARKit and we’ve been busy in the lab building something fun for you to play with.

Creativity is important to us and with Sandblox you can build whatever you want. We made this fully interactive augmented reality game to promote ideas and inspiration, so fire it up on your Apple device, scan your environment and get started using colourful 3D squares to create immersive landscapes, build communities or generate your very own brand of pixel art.

Start your AR project from scratch or use one of our templates: from a tropical island to a bustling metropolis, the only limit is your imagination. Move all the way around your creation, get inside it or up under it to add as many details as you like. You can play alone, of course, but we think collaboration is even more fun, so you can invite friends to work with you whether or not they’re in the same space. For even more creative freedom, unlock 11 colour palettes and save-slots to keep your projects forever.

Your space is your sandbox and we can’t wait to see what you create. Make sure you have iOS 12.0 installed and download it for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the App Store now.