The beady-eyed among you might’ve noticed we’ve had a little makeover. That’s because a few things are changing around here.

Our new-look website comes in the wake of some exciting developments at Sandbox HQ that include and go beyond the mobile games you know and love.

With our AR games, Unstoppable Rex: ARk Saga and Block pARty, we’ve already proven that using augmented reality can promote creativity, problem solving and coordination. Now, we’re exploring how the technology can be applied to business solutions. Find out more about AR and the possibilities we’re unlocking with it here.

As we push boundaries in and out of the gaming space, we’re also working on a new way for gamers to connect. Sandbox Play will be a social platform for casual and professional players to connect with one another and with brands, games and developers, to share content, access live and online events and engage with the community in a fully interactive and democratized space. Sounds cool, right? Find out more here.

The driving force behind all the innovative new directions we’re taking is gamification. As creators of games, we know just how powerful they can be and how to distill and harness their power to inspire, motivate and incentivize behavior in other areas of life. We’re excited to explore these new avenues and we promise to only use our powers for good.

Stick around to see where this new part of the journey takes us, and in the meantime, let’s play!