Independent education system WeLearn aims to reinvent learning for the digital age, and Sandbox is down to help.

With their multi-functional, bright and colourful space in Chit Lom, the WeLearn team aims to engage learners with hands-on workshops and activities that cover everything from AR and VR to science and art.

Meanwhile, they’re developing an online platform that aims to guide young people on personalized learning paths, to discover and hone their strengths and become independent self-learners with strong critical and analytical skills. From a vast database of accredited courses from education institutions around the world, young learners and their parents will be able to customise their learning journey, track their development, get incentivised to progress and be inspired about their future.

And that’s where we come in.

As experts in gamification, in creating online platforms where interactions are incentivised and rewarded, and in making user experiences smooth and fun, Sandbox is uniquely placed to advise and contribute to this project and we’re psyched to be involved. We’ve teamed up with the WeLearn gang to provide the front end for their online learning portal and the wires are being framed even as we publish this blog. Exciting times, friends. Exciting, and educational.

Watch this space…