True to his name, Unstoppable Rex is back again for more chompin’, stompin’ adventures.

Discover the origin story of your favorite cretaceous crusher in Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga. In this prequel to Unstoppable Rex, the end of our hero’s futuristic planet is near and it’s a race against time to save his baby Rexlings from the apocalypse.

Thanks to AR, you can generate Rex’s floating island planet in your living room, at the office, at the club…anywhere. And, using the simple, intuitive controls, guide our eponymous hero through 80 levels filled with dangerous traps and mysterious futuristic technology. Rotate around the level to get 3D access and close-up views of the terrain: tread carefully on the unstable ground, use catapults to help Rex vault over obstacles and levers to release mini Rexes from prison, and collect tasty pork chops for rewards before reaching the escape portal. Be careful, Rex’s terrifying nemesis, Kuku The Destroyer is hot on the heels of everyone’s favourite dino and his adorable babies.

It’s not just Rex who’s in trouble; his pals need to rescue their little ones too! Play as Rex Pistols the super punk, Thug-o-saurus the rapper, or cute little Jeanie, who has to save her puppy, Hoppie.

For ultimate bragging rights, scale the leaderboard to be crowned Most Unstoppable, or, if you’re feeling creative, use the integrated AR editing tool to make your own levels and then share it with your friends.

Download Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga from the App Store now and follow his antics on Facebook.