Expert Treatment

Team Sandbox and its network of pro gamers, developers, influencers and promoters offer play testing and evaluation services for game makers, and consultation services for event production.

How we can help

Road test your game among experts to get valuable recommendations on features, scalability and marketing, and save time and money. Produce or review your eSports event with comprehensive guidance and advice from pro-gamers with invaluable experience and insight into the industry. Whatever your project, get personalised support direct from our team, led by Sandbox board advisor, Pontus.

Pontus “Zlapped” Mähler is a professional gamer, streamer and entrepreneur, who has won multiple tournaments and awards globally. As CEO, Pontus grew Neolution E-Sports from a small team to 87 pro-gamers, models and influencers in 15 teams across 10+ games. As an active pro-player and streamer, his insight into all areas of eSports has proved invaluable to event organisers. Tournaments he has been involved in as a player or advisor include Garena Star League, Thailand Game Show and Dreamhack.

In tandem with his professional gaming career, Pontus has created and cross posted paid content for a number of publishers, as well as advising on game design, balancing, mechanics and marketability. His clients have included S2 Games, Frostburn Studios, Garena and mobile developer IGG.

With our expertise in game development combined with Pontus’ considerable experience and network, we’re perfectly placed to offer personalised support in these two key areas.

Game testing

Whether an indie project or title destined for mass competitive appeal, we offer unbiased and professional play testing, diagnostics and recommendations for game development, including:

  • Comprehensive playthrough with pro players, casual players or influencers
  • Features and content: what to develop, add and remove
  • Scalability: a roadmap for future developments
  • Monetisation strategy tailored to region, including in-app purchases, ads, artwork, skins, upgrades
  • Marketability: who to target and how; whether influencers could be leveraged
  • Optimisation for eSports: analysis of competitive aspects and recommendations for development

Event production

Whether for existing events or forthcoming tournaments, we offer a spectrum of services. Get feedback and recommendations or full consultation in the following areas:

  • Event review
  • Planning and event design
  • Venue decor and set up
  • Tournament management and scheduling
  • Judging and judges’ training
  • Host, MC, casting
  • Viewer interaction activities
  • Co-attendance at pitch meetings
  • Educational content, meetings or interactions

Flexible and customised

Our game testing and event consultation services are tailored to you, your goals and your budget. Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll create a personalised package. Projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis by Pontus, leveraging skills cherry-picked from our pool of 100+ influencers and pro-gamers to help you move forward efficiently and effectively.

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